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Image result for Mike Stickel railroadMike Stikel, AARS Director

Mike Stickel is responsible for commercial, transportation and mechanical functions at Lake State Railway Co. (LSRC) in Michigan.

Education: B.S. in finance, Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Nominator’s quote: “The LSRC is dramatically improving due in large part to Mike’s experience, energy and willingness to tackle new projects, participate in long-term planning and develop a network of contacts aimed at continuing and increasing the LSRC’s success.” — John Rickoff, LSRC

Mike began his career with the INRD and then spent four years in the rail equipment leasing sector after departing INRD, spending significant time in and around many of the other short-line railroads. He then moved to work with Watco Cos. LLC, working as a regional marketing vice president, covering the Eastern region and working with United States Steel Corp before returning to INRD to help lead Lake State Railway in Michigan.

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